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Massive American Baptist Church Property Insured for $7 Million Given to Salvation Ministries for a Token of $10 (Video)



At the beginning of the month of December 2021 a prophetic declaration was made by God’s servant Pastor David Ibiyeomie which is “YOU SHALL END THIS YEAR WELL” Psalms 65:11 as the scriptural reference, the scriptures says ‘Thou crownest the year with thy goodness; and thy paths drop fatness’.Salvation Ministries has become the first beneficiary of the prophecy.

On Friday, December 24th, 2021 the transfer documents, sealing the ownership of a 51,000 sq ft property of Central Baptist Church Tarrant Alabama was signed, by the presiding Pastor Salvation Ministries, Pastor David Ibiyeomie, representatives of Central Baptist Church Tarrant Alabama and representatives of the Evangelist Billy Graham Evangelistic Ministry, the Property, equipments and facilities in the compound now belongs to Salvation Ministries. Pentecostal Bulletin

Central Baptist Church Tarrant Alabama, was founded in 1923. The church property has an insurance of 7million US Dollars. The Church property was given to Salvation Ministries by recommendation from the Evangelist Billy Graham Ministry. A token of 10 Dollars was paid by Salvation Ministries, which David Ibiyeomie describes as a necessity for legal purpose. Pentecostal Bulletin.

Details of the building include:

  1. 3 Floors fully equipped with an institutional kitchen that can prepare meal for 1000 people at a time.
  2. 2 Sanctuaries
  3. 2 massive buildings joined together and both has 3 floors
  4. 32 Rooms
  5. Administrative Section; which has a Pastors office and section for a secretary and offices for staffs.
  6. Over 9 Lavatories
  7. Indoor Gymnasium that is large enough to sit up to 500 or more people and is furnished to host two basketball teams in a game.
  8. Changing rooms
  9. Customized area for indoor baptism with views from the sanctuary
  10. Several rooms for Children Ministry
  11. Game rooms for entertainment
  12. Cloak rooms for Choir members
  13. Library
  14. Multiple Storage rooms
  15. Prayer room
  16. 4 Grand Pianos
  17. 3 external entrances
  18. Parking for members around the Church premises
  19. A plot of Land that can be used to erect a live-in quarters in future.
  20. 51,000 square ft
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Central Baptist Church-Tarrant Alabama now Salvation Ministries Tarrant Alabama is located at 1225 E Lake Blvd Birmingham AL 35217.

Pastor David Ibiyeomie (presiding pastor Salvation Ministries) who shared the testimony in Salvation Ministries special thanksgiving service at the church headquarters in G.R.A Port Harcourt, said the testimony is a global shaking testimony, stating that he has never been to Alabama neither does he know the Central Baptist Church, he said Salvation Ministries did nothing therefore God deserves all the thanks.


Congratulations Salvation Ministries, Congratulations Pastor David and Pastor Dr (Mrs) Peace Ibiyeomie.



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1 Comment

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    December 27, 2021 at 6:42 am

    Thank you Jesus

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