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Police men extorted 500k from me-Solomon Buchi



Abuja Policemen Extorted 500K From Me, Called Me IPOB Member – Popular Relationship Coach

A popular relationship coach, Solomon Buchi has alleged that men of the Abuja police command abducted him and his younger brother, assaulted them and stole the sum of N500,000 from his account via POS and other valuables.

Recounting his ordeal, Buchi tweeted, “I and my kid brother were kidnapped by the Police in Abuja around Wuse 2 couple hours ago, after eating. They swiftly double-crossed our bolt ride, brought out guns and asked us to follow them into their car which wasn’t a police vehicle.

“On getting in, they asked where we’re from, I stated that were Igbos from Imo State, they immediately said that we’re members of IPOB, they squeezed us into their car, they were five policemen!


“Long story short, they took our ATMs and withdrew 500,000 Naira out of 617000 that I had in my account. They withdrew my kid brother’s 50K. I begged them that it was my upkeep money for my stay but they went physical on me, slapped me and asked me to use the 117K for myself.

“By the way, they stopped at a junction, and one took off his police uniform and went to withdraw the money using a POS! They also wanted to transfer our crypto. Man, I can’t even talk. I’m traumatized. After everything, they drove us back to town (Utako where I stay…)

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“They looked for a dark place, unlocked the handcuffs and gave us our phones and cards. They took my new AirPods and valuables. Phew. This wasn’t the plan at all. I felt so invaded and highly abused.”

Photo credit: Instagram | Solomon_buchi

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