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How to Apply for Canada Tourist/Visitor Visa



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Canada is one of the most lovely and hospitable countries in the world, which is why a large population of the world desires to relocate to Canada. 

If you want to travel to Canada on a visitor or tour, there are certain processes or steps that you need to undertake, including application for the Canadian visitor visa. What is the Canada tourist/visitor visa all about?

Brief Details About Canada Tourist/Visit Visa

A Canada tourist or visitor visa is an official document issued by a Canadian Visa Office, which is attached to your passport, as a proof that you have met the requirements to travel to the country as a temporary resident, be it as a visitor, student, or an employee), hence, it’s known as Temporary Resident Visa (TRV).

Meanwhile, we have two types of Visitor Visa for Canadian visitors, namely, Single Entry Visa, which are granted for a maximum of 6 months, and Multiple Entry Visa, which is granted for up to 10 years, or 1 month before the expiry date on the passport or re-entry visa, depending on the one that comes first. 


How to Apply for The Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)?

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