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Boxing world champion, Vasyl Lomachen returns to his home to help fight off Russian troops



Ukrainian boxing hero, Vasyl Lomachenko has returned home and enlisted in the territorial army in a bid to help defend his people from Russian soldiers.

The 34-year-old, who has been boxing world champion in three different weight divisions, reportedly left Greece in the wake of Russia’s invasion to join the battle in Ukraine.

Re-posting a message from local mayor Vitaly Hrazhdan, who is also pictured, Lomachenko shared a photo on his Facebook page, dressed in military uniform.

The message reads: ‘The Belgorod-Dniester Territorial Defense Battalion has been formed and armed. Boxer Vasyl Lomachenko is in the defense.’


Boxing world champion, Vasyl Lomachen returns to his  home country to enlist in the territorial army to help fight off Russian troops
According to reports, it has been a busy few days for the boxing legend, whose journey back to Ukraine from Greece was a long and convoluted one.

It is said he had to go first to Bucharest in Romania, before travelling across into Ukraine to get to his home city of Odessa.

Lomachenko joins fellow brothers and boxers Wladimir and Vitaly Klitschko in the front line.

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