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‘I believe that Putin must fail, we must succeed in protecting Ukraine’ – Boris Johnson vows



Boris Johnson has vowed that Russian president, Vladimir Putin must fail saying the invasion of Ukraine is “worse than our predictions,” .

The UK prime minister who has pledged to send weapons and aid to Ukraine says the East European country faces an “unfolding disaster”

Johnson made the statement on Tuesday, March 1 while on a visit to the Ukraine-Polan border with Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

 Johnson said that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is worse than he expected it to be, adding that Europe is now witnessing an “unfolding disaster.”

“I’m afraid to say that the tragedy that we predicted has come to pass and, if anything, it is worse than our predictions. We are seeing an unfolding disaster in the European continent,” Johnson said. 

“It is clear that Vladimir Putin is prepared to use barbaric and indiscriminate tactics against innocent civilians to bomb tower blocks, to send missiles into tower blocks, to kill children, as we’re seeing in increasing numbers,” he added.


Johnson paid tribute to the “leadership and courage” shown by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who he said has “inspired and mobilized” the world.

Johnson added that Russian President Putin had underestimated the “passionate desire of the Ukrainian people to defend and protect their own country.”

“I am absolutely convinced — I am more convinced than ever — as this hideous conflict progresses, that Putin will fail. I believe that Putin must fail, and that we will succeed in protecting and preserving a sovereign, independent and democratic Ukraine,” he added.

On the topic of economic sanctions imposed on Russia by Europe, Johnson said this marks “one of the most powerful packet of sanctions ever advanced against any country in the last few decades.”

“It is plainly already having a dramatic effect. We are ready to intensify and to keep going for as long as it takes,” he added