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Man, 27, says he can’t find a job because he looks like a child



A 27-year-old man has gone viral after complaining that he can’t get job because he looks like a child.

Videos of Mao Sheng, from Guangdong province, China, spread through social media.

In the video, he complained that the way he looks is proving to be a serious problem in his life.

He said most employers don’t believe him when he says how old he is, while others think his appearance will cause issues with authorities who could start snooping around if they think child labour laws are being broken.

Man, 27, says he can

The original video was recorded on a street in Dongguan, China, and sees him vent his frustration that he can’t support his father financially because he can’t find work.

He even said that he had initially gone out looking for work with a friend but while his friend had found work quickly, he was left without any offers.

The video immediately went viral and he has now reportedly had a number of possible employers interested.

A follow-up video has revealed that Mao accepted one of the jobs, according to Oddity Central.