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Elon Musk changes his social media bio from ‘Cheif Twit’ to ‘Twitter Complaint Hotline Operator’



Billionaire, Elon Musk, who took over Twitter, has updated his bio from ‘Cheif Twit’ to ‘Twitter Complaint Hotline Operator.’

Musk has also changed the profile icon to his younger self holding a telephone. The new CEO earlier expressed interest in making Twitter a free space. 

The change was made as Twitter’s advertising chief, Sarah Personette, tweeted on Tuesday November 1, that she resigned following an exodus of nearly the entire senior ranks. 

Elon Musk changes his social media bio from

The company has stopped responding to media questions, except for the few that Musk answers by tweet.

Personette, who was chief customer officer, leaves the company following the firings last week of multiple executives, including former Twitter Chief Executive Parag Agrawal and Chief Financial Officer Ned Segal.

Chief Marketing Officer Leslie Berland and head of product Jay Sullivan have announced their departures. cameras spotted Berland looking bereft upon leaving Twitter HQ days earlier.

Chief People and Diversity Officer Dalana Brand announced on Tuesday in a LinkedIn post that she had resigned last week as well. General manager for core technologies Nick Caldwell confirmed his departure on Twitter, changing his profile bio to ‘former Twitter exec’ by Monday night.

Musk’s team is meeting with advertisers this week in New York, as the company’s increasingly skittish customers raise alarms about the potential for harmful content to appear next to their ads.