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North Korea and South Korea land missiles off each other’s coast for first time since 1953

The launch was “very unusual and absolutely unacceptable”, the JCS said, adding that it would respond “decisively”.

It was one of three short-range missiles launched from the area around Wonsan on North Korea’s eastern coast at about 8.51am (23:51 GMT), according to the JCS and an air raid warning for the island of Ulleung was issued shortly afterwards.

The missile landed 57km (35 miles) from the South Korean city of Sokcho on the east coast, and 167km (104 miles) from Ulleung, with an air raid warning for the island broadcast on national television.

President Yoon Suk-yeol convened a meeting of the National Security Council and condemned the “unprecedented” launches.

Sending a missile south of the NLL was “tantamount to territorial intrusion”, he was quoted as saying in a statement following the NSC meeting with his office promising a “swift and firm response” so North Korea “pays the price for provocation”.