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Goalkeeper assaulted by fan with corner flag during Turkish football match (VIDEO)



A Turkish derby game between Goztepe and Altay was abandoned after a pitch invader violently attacked the visiting goalkeeper with a corner flag.

The second-tier match between the Anatolian rivals Göztepe and Altay on Sunday November 27, was called off 25 minutes into the first half.

According to reports, the play had been stopped because fans were receiving medical treatment after disturbances in the stands. Shortly after, a Göztepe supporter ran onto the pitch, picked up the corner flag, and used it to attack the Altay goalkeeper, Ozan Evrim Ozenc, before being restrained by nearby players and security staff.

BNN Breaking founder, Gurbaksh Singh Chahal reported that the goalkeeper suffered a hemmhorage and had to be taken to hospital, where he is conscious despite having a four-centimetre opening in his head.

Göztepe and Altay are longstanding rivals from the city of Izmir.

Watch the video below…

Watch the video below…

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