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Chioma Jesus defeats Beyonce in Twitter popularity



Nigerian gospel singer Chioma Jesus has achieved a new ‘feat’ after defeating American superstar Beyonce in a popularity poll on Twitter. 

The poll was organized after a Twitter user @imoteda claimed that Beyonce is more popular than footballers. She added that it is weird for people to think otherwise. 

@imoteda tweeted; 

So many people think football players are crazy popular. It’s so weird. Like how can you say a football player is more popular than Beyonce? Then name two football players than even I wouldn’t recognize. Lol

This claim was however countered by many Twitter users who are also football fans. Another Twitter user, @_Ganzii who joined the bants organized a poll between Chioma Jesus and Beyonce. 

The gospel singer copped quite a big win in the poll as she garnered 85% percent of the 110,995 votes cast. 

Chioma Jesus defeats Beyonce in Twitter popularity