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Excessive Centralisation Of Power Responsible For Nigeria’s Under Development, Says Atiku.



Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Nigeria’s former Vice President, has cited excessive centralization of power and concentration of resources in the Federal Government as impeding the country’s development and growth, claiming that the country has to shift course.Abubakar said this while presenting the “Diversity, Education, and Autonomy” convocation keynote at Achievers University in Owo, Ondo State.He claimed that the country’s present development methods were flawed.Current development initiatives, according to the former Vice President, have resulted in over 13 million out-of-school children, millions of unemployed or underemployed youngsters, and a level of insecurity that threatens to fracture the country into tiny parts controlled by armed warlords.He claimed that the federal government’s overwhelming centralization of power and concentration of resources only supported a domineering, all-knowing federal government that reaches into every part of citizens’ life with few positive effects.

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