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Latest 5 Biggest Church Auditoriums in The World is in Nigeria 2022 – (Photos)



Latest 5 Biggest Church Auditoriums in The World is in Nigeria 2022 - (Photos)
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Biggest Church Auditoriums is in Nigeria. As far as Christianity is concerned, Nigeria has become one of the countries with the highest number of churches in the world and this is no surprise since there is hardly any area in the country that has no place of worship or the other. Nigerian churches love their massive buildings and place of worship and it’s no wonder that Nigeria boasts the world’s top five church auditoriums today. Despite being the world ‘s poverty capital, Nigerian churches are also continuing to grow in size and finance.

We present to you the world’s top five largest evangelical church auditoriums based on the seating capacity of humans.

1) The Hand of God Auditorium (120,000 Capacity): The Hand of God auditorium is home to the ministry of Pastor David Ibiyeomie in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria, who is the chief pastor of Salvation Ministries. Previous estimates of the Hand of God project had the expansion at a capacity of 100,000 but with plans to extend to about 120,000 and the metal roofing covering an area of 50,000m2 which is more than double the size of the Glory Dome of Dunamis’ at 22,148m2, it is the world’s largest church auditorium. The roofing project meeting was successfully concluded on 10 April 2018, the Hand of God Cathedral project consists of one central dome span of 91 m, five finger-shaped cylindrical structures carrying at least 20,000 people each and two fan-shaped roof structures. The roof structures are both space frame, covered with AL-Mg-Mn roofing sheet. The total area of the project is about 50,000M2 and can easily host more than 100,000 people at the same time. The hand of God’s cathedral is set to become a great landmark not only in Nigeria or Africa but also in the world.

The Hand of God Auditorium Salvation Ministries
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