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Making A Difference For Autism Scholarship for International Students in the USA for 2023/2024



The “Making A Difference For Autism Scholarship” has been established for the spring of 2023. 

Future and existing college students with autism are being extended a life-changing invitation by KFM Making a Difference. The recipients of this $500 grant should be students with autism who are enrolled in post-secondary education. The candidates may also be autistic college students currently enrolled. The academic year 2023–2024 must be the first year of study for the applicants to be evaluated. The scholarship money can be used for your tuition.

Excellent opportunity in the USA for international students. KFM Making A Difference is an organization that aims to “make a difference” in the lives of all people with special needs. It was founded in 2009 by CEO and President Kerry Magro. The organization’s main goal is to raise awareness of disabilities.

In May 2013, the KFM Making a Difference organization was granted 501(c)(3) registration. Scholarships are available for autistic students who want to continue postsecondary education. Additionally, the organization accepts contributions that are fully tax deductible.

Benefits of Making A Difference For Autism Scholarship

The KFM Making A Difference For Autism Scholarship program will give high school students $500 to put toward their post-secondary studies.

Eligibility for Making A Difference For Autism Scholarship

  1. Students from domestic and foreign countries are both eligible to apply for the Making A Difference For Autism Scholarship.
  2. Students can apply to a post-secondary program or a college.
  3. Eligibility Requirements: The following requirements must be met by candidates to be considered for the Making A Difference For Autism Scholarship:
  • The candidates must be autistic.

How to Apply

  • Students must apply for admission to their top high school. The Making A Difference For Autism Scholarship requires interested applicants to submit a scholarship application form.
  • Supporting Records: The university requires the following paperwork from the students:
  1. Request letter
  2. Resume
  3. reference letter
  • Article Admission Requirements: The candidates must possess the required GPA.
  • Language Requirement: Students must be proficient in the language used at their schools for instruction.

Apply Now

Application Deadline:

The scholarship application must be submitted by midnight EST on Monday, April 24, 2023.

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