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Mkpuru-mmiri, death on demand



Mkpuru Mmiri (Methamphetamine or Crystal Meth)

They are the future leaders all right, no one can deny them the pleasure of that assumption. But nothing comes on a platter of gold; one needs to work hard to attain any goal in life. Many went to high school; some dropped out or never had the privilege of being in the four walls of a classroom. Some have lost or are losing faith in themselves and the government.As was to be expected, under a portrait of youthful exuberance, I must confess that there is no prospect in the tales surrounding the youth today.Nigeria’s youth can be amazing just as they can always be counted on to do the right thing. But oftentimes, they hit the news headlines for the wrong reasons. Regrettably, such wrong impression thereafter continues to rob mud on the majority among them with good intensions even as it questions the integrity of those doing exploits around the world. There has been in circulation on social media of some unimaginable display of nuisance by youth. It is quite unfortunate that the energy that will power Nigeria into a prosperous future is now under the influence of drugs.Irrespective of the poor handling of youth affairs, the government with certain confidence and adulation thumbs its chest affirming it has done its best for the masses. Therefore, it does not bother the political leaders that Nigeria’s youth are increasing in great numbers daily in the unemployment market. What seems to disturb well-meaning Nigerians is that so many young people have wasted decades in search of jobs after graduation from higher institutions. Following this disappointment, some young people who kept their cards of woe close to their chest stepped over the line in trying to find excitement to keep body and soul in one piece.

cc: The Guardian

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