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Parents Should Be Forced To Send Their Children To School – Atiku.



Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar says education is significant to the development and security of any country.As a result, he believes there is a need to force parents to ensure their children are educated, even at the basic level to have a peaceful society.The former vice president made the remarks on Friday while delivering the convocation lecture titled ‘Diversity, Education and Autonomy: Developing Nigeria in the Years Ahead’ at Achievers University, Owo in Ondo State.“We persuade parents to vaccinate their children against infectious diseases because vaccination is a good thing; why don’t we do the same for education?” he queried. “Parents should be persuaded, even forced, to send their children to school so they, at least, acquire basic education. That basic education should be free and compulsory.“Why does it seem like the importance of education for a society such as ours is so difficult for some to understand? Why do we seem reluctant to the idea of providing good quality basic education for all our people?“Why can’t we see that the neglect of education for our people has huge long-term consequences which have become obvious already as our country is engulfed in security challenges across its length and breadth?”

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