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“Should I be worried?” Ike Onyema shares troubling video of Omashola looking unkempt in the middle of a street days after posting about depression



Ike Onyema has shared a troubling video of Omashola sitting in the middle of the street, looking unkempt.

In the video, Omashola, who looks slimmer than usual, is seen with a bin bag containing some items beside him. He appears disoriented too.

Ike said the video has left him worried and he pleaded with Omashola to call him.

IK revealed he has been trying to call Omashola, who was on the Big Brother Naija show with him, but he has not been picking his calls.

This comes days after Omashola shared a post about depression.

Instagram users responded, telling Ike he was wrong to post the video without first hearing from Omashola.

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