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Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has explained why he doesn’t vote, saying voting for any particular candidate will be an injustice to the rest of his political children.

Adeboye who urged his congregation to participate by registering in any party of their choice, and ensure that their votes are counted, said he is not a politician but one whose assignment is to pray for his country and his children.

He disclosed this on Sunday, shortly before preaching on the topic Waiting without wasting, during his monthly telecast monitored by our correspondent.

Adeboye said, “My assignment has nothing to do with partisan politics. I have never told you the candidate to vote or party to belong to because every party is heavily represented here. The only reason I have never voted is that if I vote for anyone I will be unjust to the rest of my children and I’m the father of all.


“You are first a Nigerian before a member of a party; you have a duty to register, vote, and make sure your vote counts, you have a duty to belong to a party. You can’t refuse to vote and begin to complain about the government.

The General Overseer continued saying, “Wait to make sure they count your vote make sure there is no more rigging, I don’t care who or party that you vote.”

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Adeboye stressed that prayer plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the country got it right.

“This year I asked for 1000 people to join me in praying for the country but I got 26,000 we prayed and whether or not you believe it God heard and has answered us,” Adeboye said.

According to him, I’m still unsure whether there would be 2023 general elections. There are myriads of issues that are of interest to God concerning the country than to be fixed on an activity that is scheduled in about a year.