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What Will Happen To Nigeria After The 2023 Elections – Senator Effiong Bob



Senator Effiong Bob, the senator that represented Akwa Ibom North East between 2003-2011, has assured that despite the myriads of drawbacks bedeviling Nigeria, it would come out of 2023 politics and general elections more united and stronger.

He added that Nigeria has a way of navigating through odds unscathed even when people think it’s over for the country.

Senator Bob who was the chairman of the 2021 NUJ Evening with the Legends made the remarks in Uyo during the occasion earmarked to honour those who contributed immensely to the development of journalism practice in Nigeria from Akwa Ibom state.

Bob, a former Chancellor and Chairman governing council, University of Benin at the occasion with the Theme: “Politics, National Unity and the quest for credible election: The Role of Journalism,” advised Nigerians to close ranks and work harder to strengthen our institutions for the survival of country’s democracy.

According to him, “Nigerians should start working for stronger institutions rather than having strong personalities and politicians dictating the pace and direction of our country’s democratic future. America would have imploded during the last election if not for its very strong institutions that ignored the personal impressions of her then president; we all saw what happened at capitol hill, Nigeria must strengthen her national institutions to safeguard democracy.

“We must also understand that notwithstanding the prevailing atmosphere in the country presently, 2023 general elections will hold as the country has a way of navigating through difficulties to achieve its objectives”.

He hailed the four veteran journalists selected for this year’s edition of Night with the Legends namely Mr Anietie Usen, Mr James Akpandem, Mrs Mary Asuquo and Mr Moffat Ekoriko for their immense contributions to the upliftment of journalism practice in Nigeria.

Senator Bob who advised Journalists to ensure objectivity and balance reportage while doing their constitutionally imposed duties urged them to see the development and unity of the State and the Nation as paramount in all their undertakings.

Also speaking at the event, one of the honorees, Mr Anietie Usen explained that only true federalism will save Nigeria from impending doom.

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